Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alpha 1 water coolers were CE and GS verifed by Intertek

Brentorma received CE and GS certificates from Intertek for our Evolution 35 and Alpha 1 water coolers.
Alpha 1 were newly verfied and Evolution 35 upgraded by latest standards.
GS for Alpha 1 water coolers

GS for Evolution 35 water coolers



Brentorma launched Alpha 1 water coolers

Alpha 1 water coolers were developed on basis of Evolution 35 water coolers and use mechanical push button dispensing systems. Compared with Evolution 35 which use electronic keypad dispensing system, Alpha 1 are simpler and the cost down.

2 detail shots:

Both BOTTLE and POU with hot/cold or room/cold are available with Alpha 1.